Disputes in relation to deceased estates are increasing. You can reduce the likelihood of disputes in relation to your estate by having a will prepared.

Stratford Solicitors are experts in this area. Nick Stratford is a registered trust and estates practitioner and has been described as the expert’s expert. Also as a part-time university lecturer he provides continuing professional development for other solicitors in this area of law.


The reasons why you should consider having a will prepared by Stratford Solicitors include the following:

  1. You determine who receives your assets.  If you do not have a will the distribution  of your assets is determined by the Administration of Estates Act.
  2. You can appoint the executor(s) of your will; these are the people who administer your estate after you have died.
  3. If you are cohabiting with someone and do not have a will, under the Administration of Estates Act, they will receive nothing. This means they could be evicted from your/their home. In a will you can make provision for them.
  4. You can plan to mitigate nursing home fees via your will.
  5. You can plan to mitigate Inheritance Tax via your will.
  6. You can set up trusts to ensure that both your spouse from from a second marriage and any children from a first marriage are adequately provided for.
  7. You can appoint guardians for any infant children in your will.
  8. You can confirm your funeral wishes in your will.
  9. You can make specific gifts in your will.
  10. Making a will is common sense and less expensive than you may think.